Halal Soup Kitchen in Chicago

At the moment Manzar Health does not have a physical soup kitchen location: however, that is NOT going to stop us from delivering real world impact. We can begin by partnering with a local facility to prepare meals at, and then transport to our distribution team where packaged nutritious meals will be handed around communities across Chicago. Ultimately, the goal is to purchase a property that we can re-purpose to serve as our permanent Halal Soup Kitchen location. We have already begun accepting donations for this step. Please help support the cause by donating here

Our plan is to re-purpose a property to a multi-functional location that can be utilized as a Halal soup kitchen, food pantry storage, distribution center, prayer hall, and office use. 

Project Timeline & Next Steps

Help Us Help Chicago

Here is our budget plan for the project, and how much we aim to fundraise for each part of the project for the next 4 years.

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funds raised
Fundraise Goal of $557,350

Research & Development

We will collect research data to produce an impact report regarding this intervention. We will also develop guidance products for community-focused organizations interested in partnering with Manzar Health on this project. We aim to build a replicable model so that communities beyond the Chicago-land area may also benefit from a local Halal Soup Kitchen establishment.