Council of Community Representatives.

Join our Council of Community Representatives (CCR) network. Requirements are: (1) you are a Muslim student or professional in the field of healthcare, behavioral health (mental health), education, or law; and (2) you are passionate about community service and giving back.

Manzar Health’s network of providers, researchers, educators, advocates, etc. are nationwide. Members of Manzar Health’s Council of Community Representatives are responsible for providing insights about developments in their respective fields (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, social work, behavioral health (mental health), public health, health information management, occupational therapy, nutrition, physical therapy, education, law, etc.) as an effort to stay informed about current events and new research. Manzar Health’s Council of Community Representatives can also share their lived experiences to bring to attention topics related to promoting the health and safety of the Muslim community.

Active members will be eligible to get involved in leadership, service project, publication, etc. opportunities with Manzar Health’s growth and expansion. The Council of Community Representatives will meet once quarterly, remote. Networking events will take place annually, remote. There is no penalty for absence at meetings. We understand that you may become busy with work and personal matters. A notification in advance is appreciated. 

Please reach out via email, to request membership status as part of Manzar Health’s Council of Community Representatives.

CCR Network Members

Osama Khazi

MEDICAl Student

Ali Piracha

Medical Student

Hanin El-khateeb

Medical Student

Ummesalmah Abdulbaseer

medical student

Abdulaziz Ahmed

Medical Student

Omar Nabulsi

MEDICAl Student

Karina Oye

Medical Student

Alia Rathore

MEDICAl Student

Christopher Nevarez Azdar


Aamna Khan

Mental Health Counselor

Erum Khurshid

Oncology REgistered Nurse

Esraa Elkossei

Physical Therapy student

Roma Yahya

Pharmacy Student

Aisha Ahmad

Healthcare Administration

Faisal Khan

Dental Student

Talha Qadri

Medical Student

Farisa Khan


Haya Muhammad

Law Student

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Nationwide active members of CCR network ​
Nationwide organizational partnerships

We are community members with lived experiences. We are professionals in the fields of healthcare, behavioral health (mental health), education, law, business, trade industries, etc. We believe in advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts to promote stakeholder engagement and awareness. We invite members of the community to consider joining Manzar Health’s team. Please reach out via email, to request more information. Your voice matters not just at the table, but throughout every step of the journey as well. We aim to design a systems approach towards addressing the health, safety, and wellness needs of the Muslim community, with members from he community included at the heart of every conversation.