Our Research Initiatives

Building Mental Health Unity in Our Communities Through Research

Manzar Health is taking the lead to make positive and sustainable changes to behavioral health engagement and awareness for the Muslim community. We understand that mental health is a lifelong journey that shapes our experiences and everyday life. We want you, the Muslim community, to be a part of this change by lending your expertise and/or lived experiences to promote community dialogue surrounding the topic and helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health care. In this study we will be developing a variety of guidance materials, and research products. 

Our Understanding of Holistic Practices

Nutrition & Prophetic Medicine

Meant to educate and share Prophetic instructions warranted to help the human body from diseases, ailments, and plagues.

منظر is perspective.

“True generational wealth can only be built by an infrastructure that protects & promotes the next generations health and safety.”

-Founder of Manzar Health