Promoting Coalition Building & Behavioral Health Among Muslim Communities Study

Manzar Health is taking the lead to make positive and sustainable changes to behavioral health engagement and awareness for the Muslim community. We understand that mental health is a lifelong journey that shapes our experiences and everyday life. We want you, the Muslim community, to be a part of this change by lending your expertise and/or lived experiences to promote community dialogue surrounding the topic and helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health care. In this study we will be developing a variety of guidance materials, and research products.
Building stronger systems to address the social determinants of health and structural barriers that the Muslim community faces, and to improve education and cultural sensitivity surrounding mental health topics using best practices, emerging methods, and promising ideas for prevention, treatment, recovery, and life-long support. 
We all deserve access to high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate, affordable mental health care, but we don’t all get it. This is a high priority concern for the community that needs attention. We hope that a pilot-program that is designed to utilize community and spiritual engagement, through positive and sustainable educational initiatives with the support of mental health professionals, can be modeled and integrated in Muslim communities across the United States. 
Understanding structures and exposing potential gaps that directly impact the Muslim mental health crisis in America. There is a unique opportunity to look within community, school, and family systems to consider the relationship between Muslim youth and adolescent health and wellness. 
Activating the 988 crisis line was just the beginning. Manzar Health will be leveraging 988 to build and test and best-in-class crisis system for faith-based community centers.

Coalition Building
& Behavioral Health

literature review

Best practices, programs, and measures for promoting coalition building and behavioral health among the Muslim community

The Amal Program


In collaboration with Islamic Center of Naperville Youth (ICNY) to design and develop a community-level program intervention

What does Mental Health mean to you?

Let’s hear what our community leaders and mental health professionals have to share about their understanding of the importance and role mental health plays in our daily lives.

Mental health means taking care of the one's internal health like they take care of their external. It means being aware of, giving importance to, and treating one's mind in a way that promotes healing and wellness and allows one to live the gift of life to the fullest of one's potential.
Shaykh Omar Hedroug
Every Muslim goes through moments of ease and hardship, like night and day; flowering together in continuum. Mental health guided by taqwa, ihsaan, and purpose is the foundational fortification we all need to handle the test we call 'life'.
Shaykh Ibrahim Khader
Mental health to me means being in a position to evaluate things properly and be optimistic things will improve with Allah's help.
Shaykh Rizwan Ali
Mental health to me is the statement of the Prophet peace be on him "your body has a right over you," the Quran's injection "for sound minds." It's knowing that developing & fortifying our minds is intrinsic to our faith. And that our faith is the greatest anchor that even cognitive psychologists say we as humans need!
Shaykh Hasib Noor
Mental health is the proper alignment of one's intellect, emotions, and appetites- the three essential facets of the human being- with the divine intent which results in mental acuity, physical harmony, and spiritual clarity.
Hosai Mosaddidi
Mental health is a battleground wherein our allies are faith, community, family, duty, service & commitment to healing. If we drop our guard, at any time, any one, can find themselves overcome. Allah protect us all.
Imam Yahya Ibrahim
Balancing your life so that you can cope with the stresses of life.
Navaid Aziz
Mental health to me means taking care of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. It's important to take a holistic approach because each component effects our mental health.
Farhan Ahmed
Knowing your internal strengths, weaknesses, and limits and having the wisdom and humility to seek help to heal, grow and maintain balance.
Hassan Shibly
Mental health is about viewing ourselves, the world, and the Afterlife holistically. It's about understanding the biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors that affect our well-being. And well-being in this life can help us work toward well-being in the Afterlife, inshAllah.
Tareq Tahmer
Mental health means having a sound heart with balanced emotions, thoughts, and behavioral inclinations thereby facilitating the spiritual path toward our Creator.
Dr. Fahad Khan
Mental health to me means: "taking care of your self, so you can serve others, and work toward worshipping Allah with ihsan"
Subhaan Ashrafi
Mental health to me is about rehabilitating ourselves to connect with Allah. To seek nearness to Him as the source of all healing and strength.
Razia Hamidi
The way vital signs alert you to systemic pathology, markers of emotional health can indicate spiritual and incorporeal imbalance. To me, Mental Health is taking care of your MIND the way you'd take care of your BRAIN.
Imam Hisham Qaisi